Sportshall Athletics

The club take part in Devon County Sportshall League and we have always done well
We encourage all of our athletes from 8 – 15 to take part as it is an ideal way to put the techniques learnt at training into practice in a dry warm environment.
We also pay the entry fee for our athletes  so it is an excellent opportunity with events for all the age groups from U10 – U15.

The league takes place each winter from October to March with fixtures at  the Plymouth Life Centre.
We were really please to be crowed the 2023/24 League Champions

The season will be returning in October 2024 with hopefully more suitable dates

Sunday October 1st      Club results shown here >>> Overall results here >>>
Friendly Sportshall Competition on Sunday 5th November – Results here >>>
Sunday December 10th (includes Devon County Champs)   Club results shown here >>>  Overall results shown here >>>
Sunday January 21st 2024               Club results  shown here >>>      Overall results here >>>
Sunday 4th February 2024              Club results shown here >>>       Overall results here >>>
Sunday March 24th 2024                 Club results shown here >>>      Overall results here >>>

REGIONAL CHAMPS (U11 and U13/15) AT Torbay Sat 9th MARCH

Club results shown here >>>
Link to overall results::
FIA (u11s)
SRF (U13’s and U15’s)

Full winter fixture list (all events) shown here >>>

We are very much aware that parents may not be familiar with the way the events work as many of the athletes are new. There is a list of FAQ’s below that may help

When do I need to arrive?
We would recommend making sure you are there over half an hour before the athlete’s first event to allow time to get your number and warm up.
What events can an athlete do?
Each athlete can do 3 events plus a relay (if a team can be made). The athlete can pick the events but the team manager may advise that some of the oversubscribed events are changed so the team can earn maximum points. There are some events which aren’t available to all age groups so check the timetable. Parents/guardians make sure that the athlete knows the timings so they don’t miss out on warming up or miss their event!
Team manager will also choose the relay teams. Be aware the relay is very popular with everyone and we can only have one scoring team but we try and put in non-scoring teams if we have enough athletes at the end of the day and are allowed to.
How do I register?
Register on the day with the team manager . You will pick up a number to wear and you can buy an EVH T-shirt (or borrow one). Bring safety pins if possible and keep your number safe to use at all the events. Chris or Sharon will collect the numbers back in at the end of the day, so please do not go home wearing it.
Where is it?
All fixtures this season will be held in  the Life Centre in Plymouth  Bring food and drinks.
What age group is the athlete?
Age groups are based on the age of the athlete on 31st August 2022 the same as school year groups
U10 – Year Group 4 and 5
U11 – Year Group 6
U13 – Year Group 7 and 8
U15 – Year Group 9 and 10
You must be at least 8 years old on the day of the competition.
How do the points work?
There are individual points and team points to be gained. Individual points start from ’10’ for 1st place and go down to ‘1’ for 10th and then every position after 10th also gets ‘1’ point. Team points are the same apart from you will score ‘0’ team points if two other members of the same team have scored higher than you. Therefore, you can get a point for the team in under subscribed events just by taking part!
What’s the point in the points?
The athlete’s best 4 out of 5 results across the competitions in terms of points are totaled at the end of the last competition for each event. If you are in the top 3 you will receive a medal/trophy at the fifth competition. This means consistency is key and someone who hasn’t done as well as others at individual events can still come out on top in the end. You need to take part in any event at least twice to be in with a chance of being in the top three overall but it is the best 4 scores that are added together. There are overall awards for each age group and the team at the end of the season so every point counts.
What are the County Champs?
The second competition is the Devon championships where any individual scoring in the top 3 in any event will receive a medal.
This competition is all about competing in a fun environment so if you don’t win your event it doesn’t matter, you’ll still get points for the team. All we ask is that you try your best. In the past the atmosphere has been amazing and the team is very supportive of each other.
How can I help?
The event is only successful if we have plenty of helpers and volunteers to help officiate. The rules are really easy and we will instruct you on what you have to do so please don’t be afraid and come forward to support the team. Speak to Keith on the day and offer your assistance.
If you need a lift please get in touch as we can ask around.

We hope you have an enjoyable day.


16 October   Club Results here >>>     Full Results here >>>
20 November (includes County Championships) – Club results here >>>   Full Results here >>>
22 January    Club results here >>>    Full results here >>>
19 Feb            Club results here >>>             Results here >>>
19 March       Club results here >>>       Final results shown here >>>

Well done to our team who finished overall runners up

A number of our juniors took part in the Regional Sportshall event at Torbay Leisure Centre. They all did extremely well
The results of the U11, U13 and U15 events are shown here. For the U11’s it is just the Field events that are shown as the rest are relays.
Club results are shown here >>>


2021/22 Results

Sunday 17th October     –   Dawlish  Club results here >>>   Overall results here >>>
Sunday 21st November –   Plymouth (County Champs)  Club results here >>>   Overall results here >>>
Sunday 23rd January      –   Plymouth   Club results here >>> Overall results here >>>
Sunday 20th February    –   Plymouth   Club results here  >>>   Overall results here >>>
Sunday 13th March        –    Dawlish   Club results here >>>  Overall Final results are shown here >>>

The Regional event were held on Saturday March 19th at Torbay.
Club results are here >>>
The U13 and U15 overall results are shown here >>>
The U11 results are shown here >>>


Sunday 20st October – Dawlish    CLUB RESULTS
Sunday 17th November – Dawlish (includes Devon Champs)   CLUB RESULTS
Sunday 2nd February 2020 – Plymouth Life Centre     CLUB RESULTS
Sunday 23rd February 2020 – Plymouth Life Centre    CLUB RESULTS
Sunday 15th March 2020 – Dawlish              CLUB RESULTS

To see the overall results of the league and medal winners click here >>>


2018/19 Results here

Sunday 21st October – Dawlish      RESULTS HERE >>>
Sunday 18th November – Dawlish (includes Devon Champs)  RESULTS HERE >>>
Sunday 27th January 2019 – Plymouth Life Centre    RESULTS HERE >>>
Sunday 24th February 2019 – Plymouth Life Centre   RESULTS HERE >>>
Sunday 17th March – Dawlish   RESULTS HERE >>>


The member clubs are as follows:
City of Plymouth AC
Erme Valley Harriers
Torbay AAC
Exeter Harriers
Tavistock AC
Dartmouth AAC
North Devon AC
Newton Abbot AC
South Devon AC

Directions to Dawlish LC
Directions to Plymouth Life Centre