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Paige at Devon Open 2019

Jo Perry

The Track and Field season will begin again with  Spring warm Up in Plymouth on Sunday 7th April.
There will also be an open meeting at Exeter following the officials course on Saturday March 23rd.
There are also two open meetings at Yeovil on 30th March and March 1st (Easter Monday)
We are still part of the composite Armada Team for the SW League but the team are no longer in the SAL
There will be two additional Open meetings in Plymouth aimed at U17/U20/Seniors and Vets.

Links to entries
Sunday April 7th - Brickfields, Plymouth      Spring Warm Up (with entries for all ages from 8)            Link to results here >>>
Sunday April 21st- Exeter      Ken Trickey Open  (events for all age groups including PV)                        Club results from early April shown here >>>
Sunday April 28th  - Devon Open - Exeter                                                                                                           Club results from late April shown here >>>
Tuesday April 30th - Exeter Evening Open & BMC
Sunday May 5th - SWAL - Prog A (please contact Keith with events you wish to do)
Sunday May 12th - Devon County Champs - Exeter                                                                                           Club results from early May shown here >>>
Sunday May 26th - - Devon Open - Plymouth                                                                                                     Roster results are here >>>
Tuesday May 28th - Exeter Evening Open & BMC
Saturday June 1st - BMC Millfield Classic
Sunday June 2nd - SWAL at Exeter - Prog A (please contact Keith with events you wish to do)             Club results from late May shown here >>>

Saturday June 8th - Devon Schools
Saturday June 15th - SW Schools
Sunday 23rd June - Peter Brend Open - Braunton
Tuesday 25th June - Exeter Evening Open & BMC
Sunday 30th June - South West League - Exeter Prog A
Wednesday 3rd July - Evening Open - Tavistock
Sunday 7th July - - Devon Open - Braunton                                                                                                     Club results of June meetings shown here >>>
Sunday 28th July - SW Championships (Entry Standards apply)                                                                Details here >>>
Tuesday 30th July Exeter Evening Open & BMC                                                                                             Details here >>>

Sunday 4th August - Devon Open - Tavistock                                                                                                  Details here >>>

You should also check Power of 10 to see your results and details of events. Link is here >>>

Full fixtures are listed  here
Summer Fixtures 2024

Club results for all the meetings in 2023 are shown here >>>

2022 Results
September 2022 results are here >>>
August 2022 results shown here >>>
July 2022 results shown here >>>
June 2022 results shown here >
May 2022 results shown here >>>
April 2022 results shown here >>>

2021 Results (to end of July) here >>>
August 2021 results here >>>

September 2021 results here >>>

QuadKids event at Plymouth (4/8/2021)  Club results here

Here are the results from 2020 very limited number of events.
Devon Open at Tavistock on Sunday 16th August. EVH results are here >>>

Devon open at Braunton on 13th Sept and Evening Open at Tavistock on 16th Sept
EVH Results here >>>
Results of other meetings shown here >>>
Tavistock Open 27th September
EVH Results shown here >>>
Tavistock Open 14th October
EVH Results shown here >>>
Tavistock Open 28th October
EVH Results shown here >>>



Devon Open series – This is a series of grass roots competitions held within the county with events for  U11, U13,U15.U17,U20 and Seniors (including veterans).
We now have to get athletes to pre-enter these events and demand can be high.

SW league – We compete in this league as part of the Armada team. T there are two programmes A and B which have different events, Min age is U13 (year 6 and 7) up to Seniors. There is no entry fee for this as it is covered by the Armada Network. This year the league is returning to a single match of 13 clubs at Exeter.

SAL  – The SAL is a mixed men's and women's league where we can compete as part of the Plymouth AC composite team. This year we are in a 4 Club  Division with all fixtures a little distance away.  U17's  can compete but have to use senior  weights and hurdle height in the competition.

Apart from that there are events like the Devon County Champs, SW Inter Counties and Area champs. plus schools events at county, regional and national level
There are done through pre-entry and details are provided as the season goes on.

There are also Open meetings at various venues. See fixture list for details.