Club Contacts

Club President: Monica Bristow
Tel: 01752 892192


Club Chair: Dan Francis

Dan Francis

Committee Member: Paul Ross
Tel: 01752 207375

Paul Ross

Club Secretary: Keith Reed
Tel: 01752 893573

Keith Reed

Club Treasurer: Chris Prall

Newsletter: Dave Fox
Tel: 07966 915116

Dave Fox

Club Kit
Cross Country Team manager:
Ken Summers

Ken Summers

Sportshall and and Volunteer Coordinator
Sharon Terry
Tel: 01752 894494

Sharon Terry

Junior Rep
Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

Welfare Officer
Ruth Terry

Club Membership Secretary: Jayne Reed

Tel: 01752 893573

10k Race Director
Chris May

Committee Member: Phil Adderley
Committee Member: Carol Hansen
Committee Member: Chris May
Committee Member: Michelle Peters

If you are interested in Joining us, Please contact Secretary.

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