Virtual Marathon Challenge

Hi All

It was 27 years ago yesterday when Eamonn Martin became the last British man to win the London Marathon.
As you know from the Harrier we had a quite a few runners taking part in that race and also in the one at Rotterdam on the same day.
Here below is an initiative from Carol and Ruth to get involved in nextweekend when the 2020 London Marathon should have taken place.
This is the message from Ruth.

Hope everyone is keeping well in these crazy times!!

Carol has thought of a wonderful plan…

With next weekend being London Marathon weekend a few of us are planning to do a 13.1 mile run on Saturday and then again on Sunday so that we will have done the distance we would have done at London.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to join, all you need to do is email Dave Fox on ivybridge51@gmail.comwith a brief description of your route and your times.

Will be a nice way for us motivate ourselves and have some communication… take some photos en route and we can make a big thing out of it 😉

Please feel free to share with anyone you know that’s not on Facebook and may be interested.

Hope you’ll all join us!!

Can I just remind everyone to do this on your own or with a member of your household. Do not meet up to do it. Any route is acceptable and it can be done at any time on both days.