Latest Junior News – Training ideas and support Week 2

As we all know club training is suspended due to the current lockdown.
We will hopefully be returning to Ivybridge Community College at some point in the future but we do not when.
Unfortunately we cannot offer any direct coaching at the moment but we are posting an online weekly programme here.
There is also useful information on our online training page here >>>

The England Athletics and Running at home page here >>> has access to a host of useful tips and videos including the Athletics 365 curriculum which is an excellent resource for all young athletes.

Training ideas for week beginning 18th Jan

Session 1.
Warm Up and drills

Find a suitable hill like the Ivybridge viaduct. It should be around 300m long with a reasonable incline and quiet.
Start from the bottom and run to the top trying to maintain pace and finish strongly.
Run on the balls of your feet with good knee lift and use the arms to drive up the hill.
Maintain a good body position with a slight incline towards the hill. Aim at 6 – 8 reps

Jog recovery either back down the same hill or on a loop if possible no more that 3 mins recovery.

Session 2 (on grass)

Warm up and drills
Run steady for 3 – mins as warm up. Have sustained efforts for 1 min then 2 min then 3 min with the same recovery time.
That is 1 min fast followed by a 1 min recovery etc.
You can repeat 3 times.
This should give you a total effort time of 18 minutes with 18 mins of recovery.
With a jog warm down the totat session time should be 45 mins – 1 hour

Session 3 (indoor)

this is a repeat of last week.

Aerobic warm up here >>>

Strength and Conditioning
Follow the principles of this video here >>>

Use whatever equipment you may have and utilize stairs.
Maximum session 45 minutes

Stretching as cool down.

These are ideas only the key thing is to keep doing activity. Waling and cycling are also good.
Keep motivated and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
I can be contacted on or on 07934 373943






Erme Valley

Club memberships are now due

Club memberships are now due for all and as you all know 2020 was a tough year financially for the club.
We understand that the latest lockdown means that we cannot train together for a few weeks but we are still here for you all.
Full details are on the membership page here >>>
We are using a new online form this year with payments made to our new  Lloyds bank account.
For juniors we are suggesting you may wish to just pay the membership fee but if you have already paid training fees but will credit you one term.

January Handicap have taken place virtually

The January Winter Handicap was run as a virtual event. Times are shown here >>>
The next one will be held in the first week of February. Monica Bristow has again kindly offered to process everyone’s run times, so please get out on the winter handicap route in that week and then post your time on this group or message Monica on
Results will be published once they are all in.
We are also posting an off road challenge and a 5km road virtual event.
These can be done at  a suitable time then details  will appear here.
Please do not run in groups of more than 2.
For the 5km one you can always use our own 5km time train course.
The route is shown here >>>