Club Grand Prix


Grand Prix Series 9 2016 – December Update


The deserved winner of the Grand Prix Series 9 for 2016 is Emma Lake with a grand total of 822 points – Emma has continued to lead the Grand Prix despite the number od additional races that have been added this – well done!

Even in the last 6 weeks of the year it could have been won by others had Emma not continued to enter races and obviously others had added to theirs.

The final top six are as follows:

  1. Emma Lake               822
  2. Russ Mogridge         615
  3. Carol Hansen           575
  4. Cleo Perry                 550
  5. David Lloyd               525
  6. David Church           505

There has been some really strong performances throughout the club in this years’ Grand Prix, including team wins, age records, marathons/multi events as well as Westward League representation.

The final table can be found here >>>, where you will see that 104 of us took part in this year’s Grand Prix an increase of 8 from 2015.

Grand Prix Series 10 will have already started by the time you read this, with the January club handicap counting for 15 points. This month’s Grand Prix Events are:

  • Club Handicap – 15 pts
  • January Jaunt 10k – Age % – max 50 pts
  • Armada 3/5K series – 15 pts
  • First Chance 10k – Age % – max 50 pts
  • Westward League, Westward Ho! 50 points
  • Oh! My Obelisk – 30 pts

The revised list of races will remain in place from 2016 and loaded on to the website in the next few weeks

In the meantime I hope we all have a successful injury free 12 months – Good luck everyone!


Thank you


Mark Livermore